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Audible Inaudible


Audible Inaudible is a term keyed by ethnomusicologist Martin J Daughtry where the violent sounds of war become muted by its auditors as a mechanism for survival.

I have multiple memories that involve the terrifying sound of the air raid siren so I started the research in how to translate a sonic memory into object. This lead me to Martin’s a book titled “Listening to War, Sound, Music and Survival in Wartime Iraq” where he describes an interview with a mother shielding her children from the violent sounds of war by holding them tight and pressing her arms against their ears. Her body, her flesh then acted as a perfect, natural micro environment to protect her children. I wanted to mimic this concept of “flesh as defense” so I introduced pyramid acoustic foam in the paintings; a material that “detains” sound. I started surgically cutting my linen and pushing the foam through it from the back. As it was penetrating the surface I felt as if I was conducting an operation of resistance. These calculated cuts and wounds were enabling the painting to breathe. Inhaling and exhaling it was reacting, resisting, defending and accepting these sonic wounds.

Essay by Martin J Daughtry HERE

E-Catalog  HERE



Ask one prisoner to come close to translate to another
2016, Oil on linen, 74”x74″

Search Five steps

Oil on linen, 2016, 89”x40”

Would you like to play?

Oil on mobile octagonal magnets on wood
31.5″ x 42.5″ x 2″
In depth text HERE


Oil on linen and acoustic foam, 2016, 64”x64”


Oil on linen and acoustic foam, 2016, 64″ x 64″


Oil on linen, 2016, 96”x73”

Strip Search

Oil on linen and acoustic foam, 2016, 76”x48″

Concealed weapon

Oil on linen, 2016, 79”x46”

Iraqi Kit

Oil on panel, 2016, 74”x48″