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Acts of Reparations, solo curated by Wassan Al Khudhairi, CAM St Louis, Sep 8th- Dec 31st 2017

Reweaving migrant inscriptions, solo, Jack Shainman, NYC, Oct 26th- Dec 20th 2017

Dreamers Awake, curated by Susanna Greeves, White Cube Bermondsey, June 28th- Sep 17th 2017

Birmingham Museum of Art, Gendering Memories of Iraq, A Collective Performance by Hayv Kahraman, May 10th 2017

Mashrabiya, the art of looking back : San Francisco State University, Feb 18th 2017-March 16th 2017

Hayv Kahraman solo: The Joslyn Museum, Oct 8th 2016-Jan 8th 2017

Sound Wounds The Asian Art Museum San Francisco, August 25th 2016

Audible Inaudible solo: The Third Line Sep 18th 2016

No Mans Land: Women artists from the Rubell Family Collection Rubell Collection Dec 3, 2015 -July 30th 2016 also traveling to National Museum of Women in the Arts Sep 2016-Jan 2017

A Change of Place, Four solo exhibitions The School – Jack Shainman , May 22rd 2016

Unrealism: Presented by Larry Gagosian & Jeffrey Deitch The Moore Building
Miami, dec 2015

Between the Pessimism of the Intellect and the Optimism of the Will 5th Thessaloniki Biennale, June 23rd 2015

June, a painting show Sadie Coles, June 9th 2015

How Iraqi are you? Jack Shianman, Feb 27th 2015

Piece by Piece: Building a Collection, Selections from the Christy & Bill Gautreaux Collection Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City Jan 30th 2015

The Shape of things, Jack Shianman, Summer group show June, 2014

Collective Performance, Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kasas City, March 6th 2014

Collective Performance, Duke Univeristy, Durham, 27th Marc h2014

Neighbors; Contemporary narratives from Turkey and beyong,Istanbul Modern, Jan 9th – June 8th 2014

Arab contemporary, Louisiana Museum of contemporary art, Denmark, Jan 31st – April 5th 2014

Let the guest be the master, Jack Shainman, NY Sep 10th 2013

Echoes: Islamic Art and Contemporary Artists, Curated by Kim Masteller, Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas, Aug 31st 2013 – March 30th 2014

The Beginning of Thinking is Geometric, Curated by Sara Raza, Maraya Art center, Dubai, Jul 17th- Sep 30th, 2013

Silk, Curated by Jane Neal, Highlight gallery, San Francisco, May 23rd, 2013

The jameel, Art inspired by Islamic tradition, Curated by Salma Tuqan, San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, May 24th 2013

Cross-Currents: Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Art of the Islamic World, Curted by Jessica Hunter-Larsen, I.D.E.A. Space, CO, Feb 26th, 2013

The jameel, Art inspired by Islamic tradition, Curated by Salma Tuqan, Cantor arts center, Stanford, Dec 12th 2012

Fertile Crescent, Rutgers Paul Robeson Gallery, Newark, Aug 13th, 2012

Art contemporain d’inspiration islamique, Curated by Salma Tuqan, Cantor arts center, Stanford, Dec 12th 2012.

Newtopia: the State of Human Rights, Curated by Katerina Gregos, Kazerne Dossin Museum, Belgium, Dec 1st 2012

Extimacy, Third Line gallery, Dubai, Oct 24th, 2012

The jameel, Art inspired by Islamic tradition, Curated by Salma Tuqan, Casa Arab, Madrid, Jul 15th 2012

Look both ways, Hosfelt gallery, San Francisco, Sep 8th, 2012

Disquieting Muses, Curated by Syrago Tsiara, Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art ,Greese, Jul 12th 2011

Of Women’s Modesty and Anger, Villa Empain/Boghossian Foundation, Belgiu, March 11th 2011

In the press

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Hayv Kahraman, Frieze

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Hayv Kahraman’s painting capture the effects of conflict, Architectural Digest, Oct 2016

An Artist Reanimates the Sounds and Signs of the Persian Gulf War, Hyperallergic, Sep 2016

Hayv Kahraman’s Audible Inaudible,  Art Agenda, Oct 2016

Hayv Kahraman, How Iraqi are you?, The New York Times, Roberta Smith, March 2015